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​✮ Who can submit to INFRAME Magazine?

Anyone who worked on the creation of the photos submitted, with the permission of the people involved.


✮ How long does it take to get a response on my submission?


Please allow for up to 3 business days to receive a response. You will receive a notification via Kavyar regarding the status of your submission whether it was approved or denied, or via email. 

Via email, your submission was most likely unsuccessful if you don't hear from us within a week.

✮ What are your deadlines and when will I get published?

Every issue has a specific release date, you can find more information on Kavyar. Due to the volume and production time, INFRAME does offer higher submission packages for priority requests to shorten the production time and receive additional attention from our priority submission team. INFRAME generally does not request or require exclusivity, with the exception of Special Editions. If you are ever unsure of exclusivity requirements, please send me a message on Kavyar, directly on your existing submission 
or via email.

✮ Do you provide free print copies?

INFRAME Magazine currently utilizes Magcloud for Print-on-Demand services, due to the very high volume of submissions and the cost of utilizing a third-party publisher/distributor I'm unable to provide free print copies at this time. You will be provided digital tear sheets of your work published with us. Tear sheets will be sent to you via email after the publication. To avoid mistakes on the printed copy, please reach out to me via email or Kavyar before purchasing your copy.


✮ When should I expect to receive my tear sheets?

Tearsheets are provided within 3 business days of the publication date.

✮ Can I be featured on the cover?

INFRAME consider every photo for the covers and can guarantee the covers, offering higher submission packages for priority requests, social media features, interviews and to shorten the production time and receive additional attention from our priority submission team.

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